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At the same time, regular use of aromatherapy treatments and home-use products can help to strengthen the immune system, thereby establishing a preventative approach to overall health.

One of the reasons that aromatherapy has been so hugely successful is because it uses a holistic approach, whereby the aromatherapist takes into account a persons medical history, emotional condition, general health and lifestyle before planning a course of treatment.

COMANEX solutions are safe, reliable, easy to operate and to maintain, reflection of the COMEX legacy.

Today, COMANEX continues to design and manufacture products to maintain or upgrade any existing systems, as well as to propose a full range of new equipment integrating the most recent technologies.

It has long been known that stress accounts for a staggering amount of illness in modern society, and aromatherapy offers one of the finest ways of combating the ravages of stress without having to resort to drugs which can be habit forming and damaging to your health.

This is yet another reason that aromatherapists believe taking an holistic approach with aromatherapy promotes positive physical and mental balance.

Research is continually re-affirming the efficacy of aromatherapy treatments, and the results are now very hard to dismiss.

When using good quality essential oils correctly, the soothing combination of beautiful aromas, massage, aromatic baths and other treatments all work to regulate, balance, heal and maintain your entire being by working with nature, and not against it.Therefore no amount of pill-popping is really going to provide a long term solution since it only masks the symptoms without addressing the problems.By looking at the causes of the stress and providing treatments to ease and manage it, the aromatherapist will alleviate the condition in a much more efficient manner.This natural form of complementary therapy dating back to ancient times is being warmly embraced by today's environmentally conscious and caring society, in which people are increasingly unwilling to accept the cruelty inflicted on animals in the unnecessary testing of drugs and beauty products.The essential oils used within aromatherapy have been tried and tested on humans for thousands of years, and with great success.

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It is our pride to continue COMEX know-how on Saturation Diving.

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