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Allen Millyard's first attempt at a burnout doesn't work.In what we hope was an isolated incident of "mad scientist gone tame," Millyard fails to feed the rear tire enough good ol' V-12 torque.Some guys saw the cases and said, 'Suppose you're going to make a V-12 next, then?' I said no, I wasn't, and they replied that it would be impossible anyway."The rear head is cut and reversed, and runs backward, but this caused a nightmare because the KZ1300 cams and sprockets aren't in the middle of the engine, as they are on the KZ1000," Millyard recalls."The stud positions are slightly different and the cams are offset."The KZ1300 had some problems with its plain bearing crank and I didn't want to make it worse, so I converted it all to roller bearings so I can pump oil through even at low pressure." Retaining the original 62mm bore gives a capacity of 2281cc.

You heard that right; he uses hacksaws and hand files to do a significant amount of the work.Rather than engulf the scene in smoke and sweet music, the big Kawasaki simply inches forward with its front tire squeaking in protest.But Millyard's not going to be beaten, and tries again and this time the rear Michelin breaks traction.If you know anything about Millyard and his history of building bikes, especially old-style Kawasakis with more than their original number of cylinders, the V-12 Kawasaki won't come as a complete surprise.After starting this wacky process by creating Honda V-twins using a pair of C90 and then SS50 cylinders, he produced a string of Kawasaki two-strokes with four-, five- and even six-pot powerplants based on the old air-cooled triples.

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The creation of the engine was similar in that he once again retained the original cylinders as the front bank and grafted on a second set at the rear using a shared crankshaft.

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